Crashtesthobby Assassin Kit - Purchase the kit here from Crashtesthobby.

Metal Gear Servos The metal gear servos we run in our Assassins, available from HobbyKing. Two needed.

**A note on lipo batteries for the Assassin, CNHL makes a great 1300mah 4S Lipo which everyone originally used to keep our Assassins "stock".

OVONIC is a great competitor and their batteries run lighter at the same capacity at CNHL. That being said,

OVONIC 2200mah 4S packs work well in the Assassin and do little to affect CG and give a longer flight time.

CNHL 4S 100C 1300mah Lipo w/XT60 - Available from Amazon, CNHL 4S 100C 1300 mah

OVONIC 4S 2200mah Lipo w/XT60 - Available directly from OVONIC.

Emax RS2205 Motor - Available from HobbyKing.

Hobbyking 40A ESC w/BEC- Available from Hobbyking.

6x4 3-Blade & 6x4.5 3-Blade FPV Racing Propellers - Available from Horizon Hobby in 6x4.5 and HobbyKing in 6x4.

Miscellaneous Items - Bullet Connectors, Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun, Fiberglass reinforced packing tape, a ruler, black sharpie, bamboo skewers for fin reinforcement,

XT60 connector(s) for ESC, clear packing tape, baking soda, Foam-Safe Thin CA, soldering equipment, covering iron for applying the provided covering,

Ultracote iron-on or adhesive coverings for looks & identification, two 6" Servo extention cables,and self-adhesive velcro for securing flight pack,

modern transmitter & receiver capable of elevon mixing.

Assassin Build Videos